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Hubert FassBender (Left) And his brother circa 1930

Kaukauna wisconsin is a beautiful city located on the fox river.

Our Humble


The story of Kaukauna Spreadable Cheese started in the eight-square-mile picturesque city of Kaukauna, Wisconsin. This is where a young Hubert Fassbender learned the trade of making cheese in his father’s factory using their own cows as well as neighboring farms.

In 1918, Hubert formed his own distributing company, which soon became known as South Kaukauna Dairy and then Kaukauna Cheese. After years of experimenting, he pioneered a method of creating spreadable cheese without heat, known as the cold-pack method. Hubert’s method included grinding the natural cheeses into a fine texture. He would then combine it with dairy ingredients as well as other flavorful ingredients like wine and spices. What was so revolutionary about his method was how the natural flavors came through and the cheese remained spreadable at room temperatures—unlike processed cheeses or cheese that were combined using heat.

Hubert’s delicious spreadable cheese came in a distinctive ceramic crock and was served in hotels and clubs around Kaukauna. Soon, it was given the nickname “club cheese” and in 1933, the brand Kaukauna Klub was officially introduced.

Wisconsin Quality Since 1918


That Sell

As demand for Kaukauna Klub grew, so did the demand for Kaukauna’s memorable crocks, which became highly sought after collectible items. From the traditional gray stone to detailed illustrations, the crocks quickly spread throughout the United States and abroad. In fact, crocks of Kaukauna Klub were shipped to soldiers overseas and served in military theaters during movies and war news updates.

The crocks weren’t the only thing Kaukauna Klub became known for. Bus cards, posters, print ads and more helped spread the reputation of Kaukauna Cheese.

Wisconsin Quality Since 1918

Growth and


50+ years after the formation of Hubert’s company, Kaukauna moved to Little Chute, Wisconsin to help meet its growing needs. As the company continued to grow so did the delicious offerings. Kaukauna became the nation’s largest manufacturer of Cheese Balls and Cheese Logs—both made with real, aged cheddar cheese and covered with slivers of almonds.

Today, numerous distinctive and seasonal flavors of spreadable cheese have been developed, sold and consumed by cheese lovers around the world.

Wisconsin Quality Since 1918

We must never waste our care nor risk the flavor of Kaukauna… trying to work with cheese that isn’t worthy of the effort.”

Gold Medals,
Blue Ribbons,

And Tradition

Hubert’s love of cheese was only matched by his dedication of quality. His words, “We must never waste our care nor risk the flavor of Kaukauna…trying to work with cheese that isn’t worthy of the effort.” became Kaukauna’s mantra.

Over the years, Hubert’s cheese won numerous Wisconsin, U.S., and World cheese gold medals and blue ribbons. And while many things have changed, Kaukauna Cheeses have remained consistent, maintaining its high-quality standards.

Now, under the auspices of Bel Brands USA, 600+ tons of Kaukauna are produced annually and can be found in grocers throughout the US. And while Kaukauna Cheese Spread is sold in an impressive 3,400+ stores, we are driven by discipline to stay true to the authentic heritage, namesake, and what makes this brand great.