Clean Recipe

Kaukauna Cheese Balls & Logs

The Recipe Changed.

The Taste Didn't

Just when you thought Kaukauna Spreadable Cheese couldn’t get any better, we introduce a new clean label recipe that tastes just as delicious as it did in 1918. Covered in slivers of almonds, Kaukauna Cheese Balls and Logs are still made with real, aged cheddar cheese but now have the fewest, simplest ingredients possible. And no artificial flavoring or artificial growth hormones.*

Made with Real Cheese

Artificial Growth Hormones*

Artificial Flavors

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows

What is Kaukauna

Clean Recipe?

Our new clean recipes mean we used fewer and simpler ingredients to make our beloved Cheese Balls and Logs.

But why did we change our recipe? Simple—the demands of cheese lovers are changing. They want a quality cheese with fewer and simpler ingredients. And when Kaukauna customers speak, we listen.

New Recipe

New Look

Kaukauna is a brand with over 100 years of rich history, but our new clean recipe calls for a new modern label. Next time you’re at the grocer, be on the lookout for our new Cheese Balls and Logs recipe and packaging.

Add More Flavor To

Every Occasion

We received feedback that the 10oz size was too large to enjoy in one sitting, so now all cheese balls and logs come in a more approachable 6oz size.

Entertaining and snacking can now be more flavorful, and our spreadable cheese is even more versatile.